Royal Grass E-Qual

Royal Grass E-Qual

Our products from the e-qual® line have been designed for sustainability benefits. The materials used in these products are fully recyclable to make new artificial grass, also known as cradle-to-cradle. E-qual® products have been produced from a 100% polyolefin materials (PP and PE), and there hasn’t been used any polyurethane or latex coating to secure the grass fibres into its backing.

Socially Responsible

With Royal Grass e-qual® we want to create a good balance between people, planet and profit. The way we produce all of our artificial grass products, is respectful to the environment and we follow a clear strategy to act as a social responsible company. We care about the welfare of people both inside and outside of our organisation. Where and when possible, we make sure groups of social minority are involved in our processes.

Our People, Planet and Profit Balance

You can rest assured that our way of working with people, in our mutual environment is with great attention. When you choose Royal Grass as your synthetic grass brand, you can be safe, because we don’t use any harmful toxins or heavy metals in any of our products. We use processes in production and distribution that are selected so they are least harmful for our environment. Royal Grass absolutely pays a lot of effort to have zero waste and we recycle materials as good as we possibly can.

You truly can have piece of mind after buying Royal Grass artificial grass because of our sustainable qualities. We continuously strive to produce an distribute artificial grass that is respectfull to the planet.

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