Royal Grass Deluxe

Royal Grass Deluxe

How about a nice and full, olive green lawn in your garden? We can make it happen with our Royal Grass Deluxe quality. Made from three shades of green, this type of artificial grass is perfect, without having an unnatural look. In combination with resilient 36mm tall fibres, Royal Grass Deluxe will make your garden look like an oasis, rich and fresh green. This is a quality that has a neat density, which feels soft and above all, is safe for kids and pets, like all of our other types are.

The Lawn Look Like Summer

No less than three shades of green have been use to design Royal Grass Deluxe, the popular colours; lime green, summer green and olive green. The rootzone has a hint of green as well. The combining of these several tones have made this quality look like a type of green grass that’s mostly seen when the seasons change from spring into summer. Because it’s mixed greens, Deluxe fits in any situation. It’s a summery green synthetic grass, but it’s absolutely not too powerful!!


In depends on your personal taste which colour of artificial grass suits you best. But there’s more to take into account. For instance, what the position of your lawn is. In case you have a shady garden, it would be better to opt for a more light coloured synthetic grass to brighten up your garden. To optimally review the different colours we offer, it’s always good to see them in real life. For instance, you can visit a show garden near you or request samples. Please keep in mind that the grass may look very different on a small sample, compared to a large field. Our Authorized Dealer can advise you best.

Characteristics Of Royal Grass Deluxe
  • The grass blades are 36 mm tall
  • Resilient and very dense
  • Natural looks that can’t be matched
  • 3 shades of green for a natural look
  • A popular olive green colour
  • Soft and safe for everyone

Unique And Patented

V-Shape Fibres With MiNT Technology

To make Royal Grass artificial grass look as natural as possible, we continuously study natural grass. Since 2005, we are the first and only artificial grass manufacturer to produce the ‘V-shape’, inspired by nature. This is a lengthwise fold in each grass fibre, just like real grass.
MiNT technology
Our latest development is Micro Nerve Technology (MiNT). We integrated the micro veins running lengthways on grass fibres. To strongly reduce glare and make our artificial grass look as natural as possible!
The advantages of V-shape artificial grass fibres with MiNT Technology
  • The ‘backbone’ and the ideal angle of the V-shape result in grass blades that stay as upright as possible and keep it upright for a longer time compared to flat artificial grass fibres.
  • Thanks to Micro Nerve Technology, the fibre has strongly reduced reflection, preventing the grass to have an ‘unrealistic and plastic look’.

These developments are patented, so no other artificial grass company can offer the same natural look with V-shape fibre and MiNT technology!

The Grass Is Never Greener On The Other Side...

Royal Grass Deluxe has a 36 mm grass fibre. This higher fibre grass carpet looks full, but freshly mowed. True luxury in your garden! This artificial grass has the unique V-shaped fibre, which mimics nature for a stunning natural appearance. Thanks to the micro nerve technology (MiNT) the fibre has a mat, silky colour and has strongly reduced reflection, preventing the turf to have a ‘unrealistic and plastic look’.

As a result, the fibre remains nice and upright for a longer time compared to normal flat fibres and gives less reflection. This makes it looks very natural. Ten Cate – the world’s largest producer in the artificial grass industry – is Royal Grass’s technological partner. Deluxe is the result of intensive collaboration and both parties vouch for its durability and sturdiness. With Deluxe you choose for a fresh, summer green artificial lawn.