Artificial Grass For Your Garden

Enjoy your garden every single day of the year with artificial grass. Royal Grass offers you a durable and at the same time very stylish alternative for natural grass.

Royal Grass has a wide range of different types of high-quality artificial grass for you to choose from. Once you have found the right grass, you will be able to enjoy it for many years. An artificial lawn is a good investment as it is durable and long-lasting. But there are more benefits. Artificial turf is easy to clean, requires little maintenance and can be installed practically anywhere.

Advantages of Royal Grass Artificial Lawns
  • Royal Grass for lawns look like real grass and feels wonderfully soft.
  • Royal Grass “Authorized Dealers take care of a perfect installation in your garden
  • No need to mow, water or fertilise
  • Royal Grass does not fade and comes with an 9 year warranty in Australia
  • An artificial lawn will last for many years
  • Children and animals love our lawns as much as we do
  • Our grass can match any garden design and is available in various green shades
  • Artificial grass can even be used indoors, for example in a bedroom or office space.
Natural Look and Feel

Royal Grass has been designed for lawns. This means aesthetics was one of the priorities. Artificial grass should look and feel natural. Royal Grass has matched the height and density of the grass fibre very carefully to achieve this natural feel. Your artificial lawn will look amazing whatever the weather conditions are.

Royal Grass For Today's Lifestyle

Kids running around, frolicking with the dog, a garden party… Or imagine having a swimming pool or Jacuzzi in your garden! No problem for our lawn. Royal Grass offers the ideal solution. There are countless situations where Royal Grass will add that bit of extra to your garden. Whether it is class, luxury, pleasure or simply something safe and strong you are looking for, our lawns will keep you happy for many years.

Artificial Lawn, Choose for Quality

Installing and landscaping a garden takes time, money and effort. Investing in Royal Grass is something you will not regret as you will enjoy our artificial lawns for many years. With about 12 years of experience and expertise, Royal Grass is your best choice. Professionals who are passionate about gardening and know everything there is to know about gardening have become our retailers. Make sure to choose one of our specialist dealers to install your artificial turf. This way you are sure to get the highest standard of quality.

Before you set out to buy artificial grass, we recommend you to do a bit of research to find out the different types available. Of course you should not forget checking out the prices as they vary considerably. Keep in mind that there is more than just the price of the grass to consider. Pay attention to the price of the project as a whole including costs for carrying out the preparation work and installation.

Artificial Grass Vs Natural Grass

The choice between an artificial lawn versus a natural lawn is a hard one. Your first thought might be that artificial grass is not for you. We have heard that before. However, there are many different types of artificial turf around, so there really is something for everyone. Whatever your needs, Royal Grass will have something to satisfy them. We believe that artificial grass has more pros than cons and we will elaborate on these on this page. Your first and main concern may be that artificial grass is just that, it is fake. However, this does not mean that it should look and feel fake. Royal Grass has a very natural feel to it and it is nice and soft. You will not believe it is artificial!

Easy Maintenance

Enjoy maximum, keep maintenance low: that is what Royal Grass is all about. Natural grass only grows when it is regularly watered. Imagine what it would look like after three weeks of drought… Not the way you would want your lawn to look like that is for sure. A situation of too much water is also not favourable as the grass will grow extremely fast, meaning you will have to spend a lot of time walking behind the lawnmower. Artificial grass does not grow, whatever the elements. It will not wither, nor will it get burnt by too much sun. No matter what, your artificial lawn will look nice and neat. Other natural foes of grass, like weeds, twigs and leaves, have no effect on your lawn either. It is easy to sweep your artificial lawn without destroying the structure of the grass. Royal Grass is very strong and of top quality. We use Ten Cate grass fibres of the highest quality which stay green year after year. We feel so confident that we offer a warranty of 9 years on our artificial grass in Australia. The grass carpets are sold and installed by one of our selected landscape gardeners.